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Unforgettable campus with Marc Márquez

20 kids from 6 different countries have enjoyed a unique experience at the 2nd Allianz Junior Motor Camp

For the second consecutive year, the Allianz Junior Motor Camp has opened its doors to 20 kids from six different countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain, who were able to enjoy 3 incredible days riding their motorbikes on the motocross circuit in Rufea, Lleida.

Marc Márquez, the main coach at the campus, was responsible for the design of the Campus contents and learnings, with the help and assistance of other coaches: his brother Álex Márquez, Mundial Moto2 rider, his collaborator and sparring José Luis Martínez, former champion of Spain in this modality, and also the motocross rider Nil Arcarons.

With the help of the coaches and trainers, all participants were able to improve their skills and ride safely in the motorcross track and flat track; but above all, they all have agreed in one thing: It has been an amazing experience to have the opportunity to work closely with the Márquez brothers and make many new friends.

If you couldn’t follow the Allianz Junior Motor Camp in our social networks, don’t miss the summary video of the Campus, or the day to day videos! Unforgettable experiences!

The bests moments of the Allianz Motor Camp 2016

Discover the best moments of the second Allianz Junior Motor Camp, lived by the 20 participant kids. Excitement, amusement, friendship, but above all… gas!

Day 1 at the Allianz Junior Motor Camp

Despite the foggy day and the not so good motocross track conditions, the kids fully enjoyed their first day on the Campus. In the afternoon, they arrived to the hotel excited and looking forward to continue practicing the next day.

Day 2 at the Allianz Junior Motor Camp

On the second day of the Allianz Junior Motor Camp, the kids practiced what they had learned the day before on the motocross track, and they also tried the flat track. In addition, they visited the Marc Márquez Museum and its Fan Club Shop. What a great day!

Day 3 at the Allianz Junior Motor Camp

Last day at the Campus, it’s time to apply everything that was learned and squeeze the time on the track at the maximum. Lots of motorbike practice, but also lot of laughs and emotions were experienced during this last day. 

How to sign up at Allianz Junior Motor Camp 2017

To try to be one of the 20 participants for the next year Campus, follow our social networks and don’t miss any detail, we will be informing about the registration deadline and many other things.  


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Previous editions of the Allianz Junior Motor Camp

The first edition of the Allianz Junior Motor Camp was celebrated in 2015 and it was a great success.

20 kids from all over the world enjoyed this exciting experience in the world of motorcycling with their idol Marc Márquez. 


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