Declaration of consent for the use of personal data


In order that you can take part in the selection of the Allianz Junior Motor Camp, we will have to obtain and store some of your information. For this, you need to give your consent. However, since he is still a minor, we will also need his / her parent / guardian / s, prior to the submission of his / her application to the Allianz Junior Motor Camp.

You and your parents or guardians agree that the information you have provided as part of your enrollment in the Allianz Junior Motor Camp can be collected, stored and used by the organization in order to carry out the selection of attendees at the Motor Camp (this includes a message by email or phone to participants who have or have not been selected).

The data will be processed only for the agreed purposes and will only be shared to make the selection with AC Management (c/ de la Electronica, 2-3, 08110 Montcada i Reixac).

Once the selection has been made and the winners informed, all the data will be erased, within a maximum period of three months, by Allianz Seguros.

Your parent or guardian and you are aware that your data, which has been stored to participate in the competition, can be modified or deleted, at your request, at any time, through the corresponding request submitted in writing to the postal mail address that appears in the following section of "contact information" or through an email to


Contact information:
In the event that your parent / s or guardian or you, have any question or comment in relation to this statement of consent or deem it convenient that we proceed to modify or delete your personal information, you must notify us or if your parent / s tutor / es want us to modify or delete your personal data, please, by email to the email address indicated in the previous paragraph, or write us to the following postal address: 

Allianz Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A.
Market Management
Calle Tarragona, 109 (Torre Allianz)
08014 Barcelona