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There are several reasons to take out a health insurance, although they are usually summarised in two or three reasons that are most common to private health insurances:

  • Avoid waiting lists. Spanish public healthcare is one of the best in the world, although waiting lists often exceed the time that the patient is willing to wait, especially for diagnostic tests or visits with specialists such as traumatologists, endocrinologists, etc.
  • Being able to choose your doctor. People often prefer to go to doctors who have been recommended to them or who they know are the best in their field; or to clinics that have a good reputation for their specialists or their treatments. Health insurance can facilitate access to these professionals within your medical directory when selecting the co-payment coverage option. With this option, you would choose your doctor or clinic and the insurance company would bear part of the costs.
  • Prestigious clinics and treatment. Many of the most prestigious doctors with the most years of experience work within the private health field. If you'd like to access them, one way to do so is through health insurance that works with these medical centres or professionals. Allianz health insurance offers access to prestigious clinics such as Teknon and Quirón.

The waiting period is the time that you will have to wait from when you take out health insurance until you can start using some benefits. This may vary, depending on the type of insurance contracted.  Some examples of medical services that usually have a waiting period are hospital admission, childbirth, certain diagnostic tests or surgical interventions.  

Please see the specific conditions of your Allianz health insurance policy to find out what the waiting periods are for your insurance. 

If you have decided to take out health insurance with an agreed medical directory, you will have access to all the doctors and clinics who collaborate in Allianz Insurance medical directory. Search for the doctors based on the filters you need (town/city, specialisation area (or search directly by the name of the centre) and finally compare the different professionals available.

For dental health, please view here Allianz Dental medical directory.

The health co-payment is a type of health insurance in which your health insurance covers part of the costs of the diagnosis and/or treatment, and you as a customer pay the rest. This is usually a symbolic contribution regarding the real value of the consultations, tests and/or treatments received.

With Allianz health insurance, the co-payment option is only available for selected medical benefits within the Authorised Medical Directory insurance plan, which provides access to a network of affiliated clinics and healthcare centres.

Navigating the complexities of health insurance can be challenging, which is why Allianz provides experienced advisors to assist you in understanding your needs and selecting the plan that best aligns with your specific requirements.

Medical authorisations in English and German can be requested via the following means:

  • Telephone: 900 300 386

Monday to Friday from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm in English and German

Please attach in your email:

  • Medical prescription
  • Card number
  • ID card
  • Time and place of the test

Health reimbursement email:

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